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Oliver's Own… Gourmet Cakes

Using only the finest ingredients, these cakes are made to order.
Six to Eight inch cakes are made fresh and personalized in 24 hours,
ten inch cakes and larger require 48 hour notice. 

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Two Layer Cake Pricing        Three Layer Cake Pricing
Six Inch Cake $22.99   Six Inch Cake $25.99
Eight Inch Cake 32.99   Eight Inch Cake 35.99
Large Format Cake Pricing
Ten Inch Cake  57.99   Half Sheet Cake 99.99
Quarter Sheet Cake 69.99      


We are only able to encircle round & quarter sheet cakes with chocolate bands.

*Indicates three layer cakes. Three layer cake pricing also includes the Decadence Cake.

Black & White Mousee Cake *-Alternating layers of Devil’s food cake, chocolate mousse, vanilla cake and white chocolate mousse covered in chocolate ganache

Chocolate Mousse Cake- Devil’s food cake layered with dark chocolate mousse, wrapped with a chocolate band or iced with ganache.

Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake- Devil’s food cake layered with orange infused chocolate mousse and iced with ganache.

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake- Devil’s food cake layered with chocolate raspberry mousse, finished with ganache and fresh raspberries.

Decadence Cake *- A single layer of dark, rich, flourless chocolate cake iced with ganache.

Fruit Basket Cake *- Vanilla cake layered with sweetened whipped cream and seasonal fruits. Topped with fresh fruit and finished with toasted almonds.

Carrot Cake *- Carrot raisin walnut cake layered with rich, silky cream cheese icing surrounded with chopped walnuts.

Lemon Mousse Cake- Vanilla cake layered with lemon mousse, wrapped with a white chocolate band and finished with lemon curd and white chocolate shavings.

Mocha Mousse Cake- Vanilla cake brushed with coffee essence, layered with mocha mousse and iced with ganache.

Passion Fruit Mousse Cake- Vanilla cake layered with tropical passion fruit mousse and iced with passion fruit buttercream.

Princess Cake *- Vanilla cake layered with a hint of raspberry and whipped cream. Enrobed with almond marzipan.

Tiramisu Cake *- Vanilla cake layered with ladyfingers, whipped cream and mascarpone cheese. Soaked with rum and espresso, dusted with cocoa and wrapped with a white and dark chocolate band.

White Chocolate Apricot Mousse Cake- Vanilla cake layered with white chocolate apricot mousse, wrapped in a white chocolate band and topped with apricot curd and white chocolate shavings.


White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake- Vanilla cake layered with white chocolate raspberry mousse, wrapped in a white chocolate band, topped with raspberry curd, and finished with flowers.


Where "Local" Means Sonoma County

To us Local means Sonoma County -- period. Not Marin, not Napa, and definitely not the state of California, as some of our competitors define it.

From the day we opened our doors in 1988, we’ve built our business on the simple premise that the best food and wine in the world are produced here, in Sonoma County. We didn’t feel like we were pioneers at the time, but as people have come to understand and embrace the value of locally grown and made food and the value of shopping locally, we realize we were part of the early days of the movement.

As a Sonoma County business, we’ve built enduring relationships with local growers, makers, and manufacturers, because they make the foods and wines we love. Many of them were getting started when we were. Now they are nationally known, but for us, they are still old friends who often delivered products to our Cotati store in their cars back in the late 1980s.

Along with local products being excellent choices for taste and quality reasons, buying locally also improves our local economy. The dollars you spend at local retailers buying local products support other local businesses and our tax base, too!

Tasting Notes

Matt Rice

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